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  • Burgundy 17″ Premium Scallop Leg Board Short With Zipper Pocket

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  • 2mm Premium Wetsuit Vest

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  • 3/2 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit

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World class wetsuits at a fraction of the cost

Pay less for Premium Wetsuits

At Needessentials our aim is simple, Provide Premium wetsuits to those that love the ocean as much as we do, but at a fraction of the cost. we at needessentials know all to well how expensive wetsuits have become over the past years, and we find ourselves asking for what reason? The answer, because wetsuit brands are spending on large marketing campaigns and athlete endorsements more than ever before in turn causing there wetsuit prices to rise and rise.

We were tired of paying for things we simply just don\’t need, things that had no functional benefit to how are wetsuits performed and we guess you are too. why pay so much more when you can have a suit that keeps you just as warm at almost half the price.

By Forgoing all non essentials such as over branding, unnecessary features and expensive promotion strategies we are able to help surfers spend less on equipment and more on living the lifestyle that surfing\’s all about. You don\’t need a fancy logo on you suit to keep warm and you don\’t need one to enjoy the waves. so why pay for it ?

You really can pay less for quality, When the quality is all you are actually paying for.





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