Wetsuits Without the Premium Price Tag. We Want To Supply Surfers With Only What They Need

An introduction

After two decades of designing  for some of the worlds largest surfing brands Ryan Scanlon founded needessentials to provide surfers with premium Wetsuits at prices you would only usually find in a discount. In 2013 we discovered that by forgoing all non essentials such as excessive branding, athlete endorsement, and features that don’t actually benefit a Wetsuits performance we where able to provide great prices all year round.

We want surfers to know, you really don’t have to pay much for quality. When the quality is all you are paying for.





Premium Wetsuits

Don’t let the prices fool you. needessentials only make premium Wetsuits. With our team of product developers and heavily experienced Wetsuit manufactures we have managed to create a range of products that deliver, a range of products that keep you warm, and a range of products that don’t cost more than they should. At needessentials we only use the best possible products and neoprene to provide you with the Wetsuit you deserve.



Spreading across the globe

The needessentials network is now spanning across the globe with Australia, the U.S and Europe all backing this essential movement. we constantly attempt to  challenge the expected and embraces alternative ways of thinking. needessentials is not about a brand but about a mission, a mission to keep things simple and provide premium wetsuits designed to get you in the water for less.

Fulfil your need, discover the essentials.

join our community and define our product.